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Casting, how does every model’s day begin

Модели в Милане

Casting, how does every model’s day begin? Let’s get back to our casting theme. Casting for a model (like a job interview) is a nightmare that can turn into a moment of joy for every model at any given time. It’s hard to talk about statistics, but after an average of 20-30 castings, the model manages to get 1 job. So, one of the main rules for success in this case is to be patient!

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“Most people think that models wear makeup all the time, but in fact we come to casting with absolutely naked faces. Behind the photos is a team of professionals who turn us into beauties

How does every model’s day begin?

The start of a normal model day is as follows: early rise, a busy breakfast (breakfast is important, because the day ahead is the day of walking around the city), preparation of a bag with everything you need to be in the city all day.
Leaving early in the morning in the afternoon, you already know that you have to spend a busy day running from one place to another, and it is good if there are no emergency situations.
So, in the model bag you can find absolutely everything, the model should be ready for any surprises: from patches for shabby feet to hairspray and deodorant, a drop of flavor before casting does not hurt.

о моделяхThe work of the model is rather unpredictable: sometimes there are moments when the number of castings goes off the scale and you do not have a free minute, or conversely, the measured days and only a couple of castings per week. So, with breakfast and a bag, it’s time to plan the day.
The best way to get around town is by public transport. Having downloaded the map to the phone, we proceed to the first point of our route. But the worst thing is that when the queues at one of the casting break the ace of plans, you just don’t have time for the next casting and have to change everything on the go.
And in the cold and in the rain, the model wanders around town from casting to casting. And the main thing is that each of them should look like a model for all 100, be fresh, in great shape, as if just left the beauty salon. You have to admit, it’s not that easy to spend the whole day wandering around town!
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