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Breakfast in Milan top 10 places

Завтрак в Милане

Breakfast in Milan is the top 10 places. What the world calls a croissant in Italy is called a brioche. In general, call this bun as you like, and today we will talk about the best croissants or brioche with custard in Milan.
The choice of bakeries in Milan is just a matter of eyes, so it was not so easy to choose from this long list of favorite places of Italians, where a bun with custard as a work of art.
I suggest you get acquainted with bakeries and bars, where you can try the most delicious, just baked Italian brioche:

A bun that’s not worth a penny: Alvin’s Milano

The appearance of the buns here seems quite normal, not representing anything special, and the retro locational is completely unsightly, but if you just bite the local bakery, you can immediately lose your head. Briosh is made with lievito madre.

Alvin's Milano Reviews on Tripadvisor
Address: Via Melchiorre Gioia 141, Milano, Italia (Bicocca
)Tel: +39 02 6671 0828

Just fantastic: Pasticceria Grossi

In this pasticheria, both their confectionery and freshly baked brioche are excellent. I don’t think anyone else in town can make better baked goods than they can. Terrific custard cream. Here you will find two types of brioche: classico and kipfel (from layered dough).

Grossi Milano

Reviews on Tripadvisor
Address: Piazza Udine, 8, Milano
Tel. 02 2151477

Brioshes that fit perfectly into the interior: Pastichéri

Tiny and cute bakery, made in white tones. Buns sprinkled with powdered sugar to become a refined interior. Brioshi here is the right combination of puffed croissant and soft dough. Here, like nowhere else, you can feel in harmony with the world around you, at least at breakfast.

PastichériReviews on Tripadvisor
Address: 72 Via Canonica, Milano
Tel. 02 34930098

One of the best pastists in the world: Pavé

This is one of the highest positions in the bakery ranking. If we were talking about jam croissants, Pavè would undoubtedly take the lead. Of course, you can’t help but try the croissants with the cream here.

Pavè MilanoReviews on Tripadvisor
Address: Via Felice Casati, 27, Milano
Tel: +39 02 9439 2259

Croissants with custard together with pistachios and almonds: Pasticceria San Gregorio

Although the location of this pasticheria is not the best, it is a true paradise for croissants with custard. Croissants filled with plentifully tender cream are served in pistachio or almond crumbs. If you don’t see them in the window, please contact the staff for this order.

San Gregorio Milano Reviews on Tripadvisor
Address: Via San Gregorio 1, Milano
Tel: +3902 29524182

Luxury in downtown Milan: Marchesi 1824

The historic pasticheria of the city, which recently opened its pastry bar on via Montenapoleone. Very tasty brioche with delicate cream like a work of art.

Marchesi MilanoReviews on Tripadvisor
Address: Via Monte Napoleone 9, Milano
Tel: +3902.76008238

Brioshes fill with stuffing in front of you: Pasticceria Sissi

You’ll have to pay extra for the stuffing, but it’s worth it. A scented cream bun turns into a real celebration of taste.

pasticceria sissi briochesReviews on Tripadvisor
Address: P.zza Risorgimento, 6, 20124 Milano
Tel: +390276 014664

Attention not only to taste, but also to form: G.Cova & C

A bun with super cream filling instead of a regular napkin is served in a beautifully wrapped newspaper sheet.

brioche cova milanoReviews on Tripadvisor
Address: G.Cova & C. – Via Cusani, 10, Milano
Tel. +3902 36682366

Sicilian brioche: Dulcis

Despite the fact that the bakery specializes in Sicilian words, brioche is excellent here. Flavorful baked goods with crispy crust are filled with custard.

Milano DulcisReviews on Tripadvisor
Address: Via Marghera, 51, Milano
Tel. +3902 43911377

Careful not to get dirty: Cremeria Buonarroti

You have to be more careful not to get your hands on the gentle cream stuffing. They don’t spare the bun for filling it up with cream. Cream and brioche are in perfect harmony here.

Cremeria Buonarotti MilanoReviews on Tripadvisor
Address: via Buonarroti, 9, Milano
Tel. +390248007930