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Breakfast in Italy

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Colazione in Italian means breakfast. This is the most favorite meal for Italians. Even those watching the figure can treat themselves to a traditional croissant called “brioche brioche” and a cup of aromatic cappuccino.
There are brioche flavours: brioche vuoto, brioche alla crema, brioche al cioccolato, brioche alla marmellata. In the South of Italy, brioche is served even with ice cream.

italianskie-brioshiBrioshes prepared in bakeries (panificio and pasticceria in Italian) according to ancient Italian recipes are considered especially tasty. I advise you to try a real Italian croissant in them, as usual cafes usually sell not just baked, but defrosted brioche.
About the most delicious bakeries and ideal places for breakfast, where the Italians prefer breakfast themselves, you can read in the section: “Breakfast”


The cost of a brioche varies from 1 to 1.5 euros. Panificio or pasticceria are found at every step in Italy. They usually even have a bar where you can order coffee and breakfast right there.

Italian breakfast:

Italian breakfast is a light, we can say it’s a small snack, as the Italians have lunch early, and there is no need to breakfast “for the whole day”.
Note: if you order coffee at the bar and drink it standing up, the price of it is much lower than if you sit down at the table to order the waiter. The average cost of a cappuccino is 1.40 euros. I advise you to avoid places in the city center at tables, where the price of coffee from 5 to 10 euros. Italians rarely drink tea, and surprisingly, tea in Italy is more expensive than coffee.
And finally, a magic phrase to make your order:
Un Cappuccino e un brioche alla crema, per favore – 1 cappuccino and 1 brioche with cream, please.

Milanodavau zavtrak po-italianski

Useful words:
Buongiorno-good dayArrice – goodbye
favore –
please Grazie – thank youDue –

twoTree-Tree-Quattro –

fourCinderel-fiveQuanto costa – how much does it cost?
Io vorrei, I’d like