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Basil and parsley all year round: simple and original

Originaknij sposob hranit aromatnie travy

It takes very little effort to keep the aromatic herbs in the freezer all year round without losing their aroma.
To use your favorite fragrant herbs for any preparation, especially in winter, use this original and simple idea.
Basilica, parsley, sage, rosemary: in the summer to be in abundance on the market stalls. Here’s a simple idea for how to preserve these fragrant herbs all year round:
Place them in ice cube molds.

Fill it with olive oil.
Place the ready-made storage forms in the freezer.

This way, you can preserve the entire aroma of herbs by sending it “into a trap”.
You can also divide the ice forms into sectors: basil, parsley, rosemary, sage. Or create cubes with a mixture to your liking, combining your favorite seasonings, such as roasts, grilled vegetables or boiled potatoes.