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Bank account in Italy free of charge

Bankovskij schet v italii

Bank account in Italy for foreigners without a single cost? It’s possible!
Milan is a business industrial city, the business capital. As a resident or active in Italy, it is essential to have a bank account. The laws of the Italian State strictly regulate the use of cash, and most transactions, from payroll to store payments, are carried out electronically. Italian banks are not very interested in opening a bank account for emigrants, and there are not many offers from banks. In addition, banks are afraid that a foreign client may “go down” and leave the country without paying off the debt.
Therefore, many banks, when opening a bank account for foreign citizens, require a fixed fee (a monthly fee for the bank account), the cost of money transactions, fees for money transfers and withdrawal of money. Also, Italian banks will not give you a credit card with much ease.
Fortunately, some banking institutions have responded to the growing need for a bank account for foreign nationals residing and operating in this country and offer a profitable package of services aimed at foreigners. However, a distinction must be made between those who reside in Italy and those who have a residence permit and those who are not resident in Italy.
And now let’s look at the market offers:
If you are a resident of Italy, then you can really get maximum benefit from Conto Corrente Arancio in the bank Ing Direct.

Bankovskij schet v italii The bank, whose symbol is a lion, is based in Holland and has many branches in Italy. The bank belongs to the Dutch Deposit Guarantee Fund (which covers up to 100,000 euros per person in case of bank bankruptcy).
Ing Direct offers free opening and use of a bank account, with the possibility of making free unlimited money transfers throughout Europe, provides issuance of a bank card and a gold credit card absolutely free of charge. It is also important that the bank also pays for you the Italian tax (bollo statale) if you exceed 5000 euros of the average amount of money on your account in the quarter.
A prerequisite for opening an Ing Direct bank account is to have an Italian Carta d’Identità (resident of Italy).
You can open a bank account directly online or at a bank branch.
Annual fee
0Visa Oro 0Banking
card 0Money
check 0Tax
fee 0
fee 0Opening
and closing of the account 0Money
transfers and payments in Europe
at the bank’s branch, computer or smartphone
0Mobile account
Opening an account online from this page, you will get a bonus of 100 euros as a gift, which you can spend on Amazon.


There’s also another promotion. By opening an account online from this page, you will receive a bonus of 100 Euros as a gift, which you can spend on Mediaworld.it.
Via Tommaso Grossi 2, Milano (downtown)
Via Arbe 49, MilaporoTime


Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 19.99 on
Saturday from 09.00 to 13.00You
will be able to activate your credit card immediately

by activating

a 3000 euro deposit field (or a salary certificate that


confirm that you are working in Italy).

The only drawback is that the bank, without requiring a single euro, also does not give you a single euro. The interest income on the amounts you will deposit to your account will be 0.0%.
Note: Do not confuse that Conto Corrente Arancio bank account is not the same as Conto Arancio bank account (employees of the bank will offer you this type of account, the characteristics of which are less interesting, just answer that opening this type of account is not necessary for you at the moment)

Let’s assume that the Italian banks are using the money you’ve contributed to their own interests. It is not entirely rational to give the bank your money and also pay the bank account fee. At least, the bank must give interest income on your liquid funds or offer its services at the lowest prices, free of charge.
If you have already opened a bank account with Ing Direct bank, you also need to have a deposit account to save money, which will give you interest income on the amounts you have deposited. Unfortunately, the Central European Bank has lowered interest rates over the past two years, so don’t expect high numbers. However, in any case, even a small percentage is better than nothing.

Contomax Banca IfisContomax MilanoThe Bank of Veneto region, for the last 10 years the bank has grown very much. It offers a bank account where you can get 0.75% of your income per year. Interest income is accrued every three months.
If you want to block your savings for a longer period of time (3, 6, 9 months), the interest rate will be naturally higher. You can also take advantage of the interesting “One” offer, which allows you to unblock money on your application within 33 days without losing the interest rate (1.05%).
0 annual contributions5
free money transfers per monthFree
at the bank’s branch, computer or smartphoneAccount
can be opened online or at the bank’s branchOfficial
website: www.contomax.it

If you are not a resident of Italy, the Superflash of Intesa San Paolo is the best offer for you at the moment.Intesa San Paolo Superflash Milano It is a plastic card (attention, it is not a bank account), but in reality it has a code IBAN, as a bank account, which allows you to receive free money transfers. If you are between 18 and 26 years old, you do not have to pay the annual fee, and all services are free of charge. Otherwise, the cost of the annual contribution is only 9.90 euros per year. You can withdraw money free of charge from all Intesa San Paolo ATMs (which are quite large in Milan), you can be paid for your salary on this card, you can pay for it in shops, pay for autostrada and make utility payments.
Advantages: being just a plastic card, it doesn’t require a tax chargeDeficiencies
Contributing money to an ATM costs 1 euro.

The money transfers you make will cost 0.50 euros.
Official website:


ia Torino 21, Milano (downtown)

I do not advise you to use the services of such banks as Monte dei Paschi di Siena, UBI, Uni Credit, Banco Popolare, whose quality of services is not the best, and fees for the use of bank services are not the most favorable (up to 170 euros per year you will cost only fixed fees for the availability of bank accounts). Bank Fineco is very meticulous in evaluating the creditworthiness of the client and has a great deal of difficulty issuing a credit card to emigrants.
If you have any doubts or additional questions, especially when Italy’s financial reality seems difficult at first, I would be happy to help with my advice and recommendations. You can contact me here.