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Ambrosia Carnival 2019 in Milan. History and program

Carnevale Milan

Very soon a wave of carnivals, feasts and festivities will take place in different cities of Italy. The word “carnival” from the Latin word “carne vale” means “farewell to meat” and is marked before the beginning of the Great Catholic Lent.

The holiday is definitely connected with dressing up and masquerades. Every year, many tourists come to Italy to take part in colorful processions and watch the masquerade. Along with the world-famous Venetian Carnival, the Ambrosian Carnival of Milan, which this year will take place on March 9, deserves special attention. In Milan, the carnival is celebrated for an order of days more than in other cities and ends on the Saturday of the Shrovetide Week. And all because, according to legend, the patron saint of the city of Milan, St. Ambrose, being in a pilgrimage, asked the townspeople to wait for him and not to start the Great Lenten liturgy before his arrival. The pilgrim returned only on Saturday, and since then the Ash Wednesday in Milan comes later than in other cities, and falls on Sunday.

Карнавал 2019 ИталияWe just have to wait until the carnival theme is chosen this year. The carnival procession is planned to take place in Duomo Square on March 9 from 14:00
. The main events traditionally take place between Isola quarter, Via Padova and Duomo Square. Artists from all over the world perform here, as well as traditional cookies.

The symbol of the Carnival

The main symbol of the carnival is the witty servant Mengino, who mocked the vices of the rich. The Ménégines accompanied the noble Milanese to the church on Sundays. They were awarded the symbol of heroism in 1848, as they gathered such inherent features of the Milanese as hard work and generosity. Menegino’s clothing was red and white stockings, brown shirt and trousers to the knees. Traditional carnival festivities are accompanied by various characters in costumes walking around the city and performances in Duomo Square.

Events for children in Milan:

During this period, Milan offers a wide range of entertainment: exhibitions and concerts, entertainment in local bars and institutions.
Traditionally, the city expects a lot of events. Confetti’s everywhere and kids dressed up in carnival costumes. This year, the following activities are waiting for children:

Milano Clown Festival

From March 6th to 9th during the Ambrosia Carnival there will be traditionally a festival of circus artists. More than 140 events with free access to the Isola area. Read more on the official website

Bosco in città / Carnival Lab

The record was opened on January 21, 2019. Children between the ages of 9 and 12 are invited. Among the proposed activities – research, plantations, games in the forests of the park. The event will take place on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 March 2019 from 8.30-9.00 to 17.00. The cost of participation for one day – 25 euros, 40 euros for two days. To record the bodies. 02.4522401.

Карнавал в Милане

Teatro della Memoria

On Saturday, March 2, 2019 at 16:00, Abracadabra presents Arlecchino Salva il Carnevale. Puppet show for children from 3 to 10 years old. The duration is 60 minutes. Tickets cost 7 euros. Booking and pre-sales at www.teatrodellamemoria.it or by phone 02.313663

Traditional treats during the Carnival period:

And, of course, don’t forget to taste traditional sweets, which of course are Bugie and Chiacchere. Chiacchere during the carnival period is cooked all over Italy, while the preparation of other desserts depends on the region and has its own name. The recipe for this traditional sweetness dates back to ancient times and is a strip of dough roasted in oil and sprinkled with abundant sugar powder or chocolate.