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About me, the MilanoDavai project

Hello and welcome to Parmesan, Cappuccino and Pasta country!
Yes, we’re in Italy! I’d like to introduce myself first. My name is Tatiana (I can just be Tati), I’m from Belarus and I’ve been living in the center of the fashion capital for some time now. I work in the modeling business and often travel to different parts of Italy.
Since childhood I have been acquainted with Italian culture, I know their manners and traditions not by hearsay. Over the years I have been in Milan, I have studied the local streets and places with their peculiarities and stops. I would like to give some useful tips for those who decide to travel around the fashion capital of Italy.

Tatsiana Puchko MilanoDavai I want to show Milan not from the side of famous tourist places, but from the side of real life of Italians themselves. And also to show that Milan is not expensive! The main thing is to know the right places! Often tourists, not knowing the city, try local cuisine in restaurants in the city center, where the prices are unreasonably expensive, and the dishes are tasteless, where you will be given digested pasta, unsalted meat, dry fish or pizza made of fresh mozzarella.

Often my acquaintances, knowing that I live in Milan, ask for advice on the best route to take to see the city and have fun and interesting time, where to eat well and inexpensively, where to do good shopping. I hope this site will help you if you decide to visit Milan and do not know where to start, will tell you where to eat and stay in Milan, will tell you about current exhibitions and events.
Often, walking around the city, I see my compatriots with a map of the city, who do not know where to go and where to start. So that this does not happen and that you can enjoy the beauty of the city and not waste your time on your journey, I want to inform you about the institutions, places and cultural events in Milan. And also to specify some subtleties, different from our culture, which you should know on arrival, because very often hearing a Russian-speaking person can fool you, knowing that you are not local! Good luck with that! I hope my advice and recommendations will help you!
If you have any questions, you can contact me here.

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